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Artist, Teacher, Choreographer, Gardener


  Mary Lyman

 I live and work off the rocky coast of Maine, on beautiful Mount Desert Island. In my intimate studio, among the pines of Bar Harbor's coniferous forest, I create jewelry and silk paintings, and seek to nurture the creativity of children and adults alike through offering classes.


While I am primarily a visual artist, my creative work is by no means confined to my art studio. In addition to teaching art in my own workshop, I do visual and performing art residencies in numerous schools. As well as working with paint, metal clay, and movement, I also harness the beauty of flowers through landscaping.


Although I call Bar Harbor my home, I didn't start here. I grew up in Orono, Maine. With the loving support of my family I refined my creativity at a very young age. As a child, I dedicated much of my time to creating jewelry, painting, making dances and riding horses. Throughout high school, I was known for my sewing and dance, as I sewed most of my own clothes, and made dance performances for numerous venues.


I studied visual and performing arts at Bennington College, in Vermont, and graduated with a BA in Dance and Painting. After graduating, I moved to New York City to pursue a career in dance. While there I formed a dance company and performed with many choreographers, while doing freelance graphic art on the side. After eight years in the Big Apple, I returned to Maine, and settled down among the pines, where I remain today. 



   PO Box 303

   Mount Desert, Maine 04660


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